Yamato Power,to the world.〜Miwa Komatsu: Artist of the Soul that Izumo gave birth to〜(Shimane, Japan)
27 November, 2016
Karuizawa new art museum(Nagano, Japan)
The first term 26 September – 9 October
The second term 2 November – 9 January
After graduating from Joshibi College of Art and Design.
Title: Continue to throw the light on, keep on walking towards the new era
Tokyo Art Club(Tokyo, Japan)
9 November – 12 November,2016
Title: I’m waiting for you
Estimate USD1940 (JPY 200,000)
Price Realized USD3960 (JPY408,000)
acrylic on canvas
33 x 24 cm
Painted in 2016
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Fukushima Biennale 2016(Fukushima, Japan)
7 October - 6 November,2016
After graduating from Joshibi College of Art and Design.
Title:Indication ~気~
Installation in Chieko's birthplace memorial hall
Art Central Hong Kong(Hong Kong)
21 March - 26March, 2016
Saihodo Gallery
Solo Exhibition
Miwa Komatsu Exhibit at Ginza Mitsukoshi Gallery(Tokyo, Japan)
16 March - March 22, 2016
After graduating from Joshibi College of Art and Design, Miwa Komatsu has gained recognition as the up and coming artist with her works like “49 Days”, in which she boldly expressed her unique views on life and death.
She is known for her fantastical creatures and spirits and the colors, shapes and patterns created from her fingertips are of the world that only Miwa Komatsu can create. As her first exhibition in a department store, over 20 pieces were on exhibit including her latest paintings, copperplate prints that established her as an artist and the highly acclaimed “Guardian Lion Dogs”
Arita porcelain figurines. This exhibition was highly successful with a sold out of all works.
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““Heaven and Earth Guardian Lion Dogs” displayed at British Royal Horticultural Society’s Chelsea Flower Show 2015(Chelsea ,UK)
23 May, 2015
Miwa Komatsu’s Guardian Lion Dogs Arita Porcelain Figurines, “Heaven and Earth Guardian Lion Dogs”, were placed in the “Edo-no-niwa – Edo Garden” at the British Royal Horticultural Society’s Chelsea Flower Show 2015.
This garden designed by Kazuyuki Ishihara won the Gold Medal.
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Christies Hong Kong(Hong Kong)
29 November 2015
Asian Contemporary Art
Hong Kong HKCEC Grand Hall
【Guardian Lion of Historic Ruins】
JPY 3,170,000
“Guardian Lion Dogs” becomes a permanent display at the British Museum.(London, UK)
October 14, 2015
The fact that they are Arita Porcelain which has a long history as one of the leading traditional crafts of Japan and the cultural value of Komainu, a pair of guardian lion dogs at the gates of shrines and temples to protect the grounds, combined with the great vibrancy that Miwa Komatsu added, the artistic value of these porcelain figurines was highly acclaimed and secured a permanent place in the main booth of the Japan Exhibit at the British Museum in London.
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Solo show at the newly opened Ueda City Art Museum(Nagano ,Japan)
December, 2014
The solo show held near her hometown was highly popular and recorded 10,000 attendances.
First solo show in Tokyo at Saihodo Gallery. (Tokyo, Japan)
September, 2014
Her exhibits were extremely well received and were all sold out.
Painting “Shin-Fudoki” dedicated to the Izumo Oyashiro (Grand Shrine)(Shimane, Japan)
May 11, 2014
The Izumo Oyashiro is one of the oldest and most important Shinto shrines in Japan and the home of the Japanese myth.
Miwa Komatsu had the great honor to dedicate her painting “Shin-Fudoki” to Izumo Oyashiro to be on display at the “Shinkoden” hall.
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